The SDGs are an ambitious plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. They are universal, applying to all nations and people, seeking to tackle inequality and leave nobody behind. They are wide ranging including ending poverty and hunger, ensuring sustainable consumption and production, and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

At present, our company has carried out the following activities in two parts of commitment to health and to human Rights :

  1- Our Commitment to Human Rights :
In coordination with the prison of Tabriz city and in order to raise the livelihood level of prisoners and also indirectly help their families, We have made it possible for them so that they can earn income by doing a simple job in the form of peeling oranges.  

2- Our Commitment to Health :
Persian noosh company has researched and acted on the possibility of producing orchard products free of any kind of poison and in accordance with global health standards, for more than 4 years and is currently seeking to produce such healthy products – free of toxins, to take a step towards maintaining the health of minors and children in the country.
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