• ?What is the origin of enriched Quash Plus water
    Quash Plus water comes from one of the purest water sources on earth, located in Bostanabd area near Tabriz.

  • ?What is the difference between Quash Plus and other waters on the market
    Enriched Quash Plus water is characterized by a remarkable purity, unique structure and high-techs of Europe. In addition, it has a perfectly balanced amount of body needed nutrition in comparison to other products in the market which are just mineral water.

  • ?What makes our juices different from what you can buy at any grocery store
    The method we use for extracting our fresh, natural juice, allows for our juice to never lose the integrity and potency of the nutrients remain intact, and they are readily absorbed into your body when consumed. Another difference in our juice is the FRESHNESS and having NO additives, sugar or preservatives. Lastly, when you drink OUR juice, you know exactly where the ingredients came from, because we strive to source them locally and organically!

  • ?What does NFC stand for and what is its meaning
    NFC which stands for Not from Concentrate is defined as preparation of fruit juices without using concentrate, in other words, production of natural juices or NFC consists of: first buying fruits, then washing and extracting them to separate juices from pulp. This process is conducted industrially and use mechanical processing.after extracting fruit juices at high temperature and using steam, they are pasteurized and sterilization completely. This makes shelf life of fruit juices extend, without adding other substances, and Because of the short duration of this process that is over in a few seconds, molecular structure is not disarranged and all the vitamins and fruits remain in it.

  • ?Are your juices really natural and without additives? How do we make sure of it
    yes ,we guarantee that unlike most other juices on the market that falsely claim to be natural juices, our products are completely natural and people can understand it after using them once and comparing with other products.

  • ?Due to the lack of tropical fruits in Iran, how you provide fresh juice of these products on the market
    The company decided to import tropics and East Asia products such as mango, pineapple and passion fruits in the form of 100 percent natural juices.

  • ?How long does fruit juice last in and out of refrigerator
    Shelf life of fruit juices in supermarket shelves is 6 months and after opening its lid is 3 days.

  • Are natural juices a good substitute for fruit
    Based on research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, fruit juice is one of the best drinks having minerals and vitamins ,and in addition to quenching thirst ,fulfilling considerable part of vitamins your body needs and doctors also recommend daily intake of it. Because of the especial nutritional value of fruits ,it should be used regularly during the day so that the body benefit from nutrients, fat, folate , potassium, calcium and iron, as well as fulfilling the vitamins A, C and Fiber that your body needs. Since the possibility of eating fruit in terms of industrial life is not always possible ,natural fruit juices such as Persian Noosh , that are produced completely from fruit ,and do not have preservatives ,artificial dyes and essence and contains all the properties of fruits ,is a good alternative.

  • ?What is juice diet
    Nutritionists recommend 2 to 3 daily intake of unit of fruit .even Today in most developed countries in the world, doctors recommend their patients to use juice diet (Juice Therapy)as a useful and effective solution to combat poisoning, maintain the health and body fitness ,strengthen the immune system and also get your body needs energy and materials ,of course the meaning of juice diet is drinking natural juices .Since many people today, because of many occupation, don’t have enough time to prepare the juice individually,then using Persian Noosh juices can be a very useful solution.

  • ?What is the difference between natural juices and concentrate
    Juice extraction consists of: first buying fruit, then washing and extracting them to separate juices from pulp, This process can be done manually or industrially, but concentrate is as a result of buying fruit , dewatering , filtration(at least in two phase), concentration or cooking fruit and storing in big tanks ,that during this process plenty of vitamins and properties of the fruit disappears.

  • ?Common questions: What is a smoothie
    Smoothie is a kind of drink prepared by combining and mixing two or more fresh fruit .This means that the components of a fruit are broken and change to a drink form, this drink has pulp and isn’t watery .The pulp is a bit broken and soften but isn’t removed . Then for digesting Smoothie, your body needs to do some operation to be able to fully solve these drinks .But this analysis is not severe and the body does not have too much activity.

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