Persian Noosh Co. studied the production plan of juices, natural smoothies and variety of fortified juices, in Iran and the Middle East, since 2012 and established an industrial complex in an area of 22000 square meters in East Azerbaijan province, from 2014.
Regarding the increasing needs of the community for a healthy lifestyle, this complex try to take a step, although small, to building culture for daily intake of nutrients needed by the body, and started its activities by a group of  domestic and foreign investors. Since lifestyle of people are always moving toward industrialization and modernization, yet disassociates from natural life and its benefits, way of feeding and supplying the body with required foodstuffs is also changing and because the people grappling with busy life, they have no time and tendency to spend for eating and drinking, that are the most basic needs of the body. In this way, the Persian Noosh family decided to establish a factory to improve the quality of production methods for supplying nutrients needed for the body.
The technology used in production line is based on the latest and most advanced methods of the world in water and juices production industries, so that all equipment of production line have been supplied by the largest and most credible European companies.
Natural juices of our company are packed quiet fresh directly after extraction (dehydration process) of freshly purchased fruits, under vacuum and using modern technology and released to the market.
Persian Noosh, using experts and trained forces produces variety of natural juices and smoothies and simple and carbonated enriched waters. Taking into consideration of entirely different production way of our company compared to the other producers, and because of adding no any preservatives, sugar , color or citric acid and daily providing good quality raw materials, this complex proudly names its product as “completely natural juice” (without using concentrating).
Since all producers of juice, are unfortunately naming their products as 100% natural, regardless of the rights of customers in providing them with real information, dear consumers are needed to choose healthy and useful product for themselves and their family using a little tact and comparing our product with other companies.

استخدام نیرو