Who we are and what we’re all about

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Quash Plus Enriched Waters

Quash Plus water is producing in Iran for the first time which is purified and enriched with minerals in accordance to international standards with 3 different types and glass packaging.
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Vital Fresh and Blochia Natural juices

The natural juices of our company are made directly from fresh fruits, not from concentrates, without any additives such as sugar, citric acid, color additives.
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Mooi Natural Smoothies

This product is made of combinations of fresh fruits with pulps and no additives which are appropriate for having an energetic low-calorie meal or snack.

Healthy Life style

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Do you know there's a difference between being busy and being fruitful? For whom knowing that their body is the only place they have to live in and care about its health, we provide possibility of using 2 units of fresh and energetic fruits, at least, by spending less time. The enjoyment of drinking your favorite’s juices during whole year is a fabulous feeling which is presented from us. So Join Persian Noosh’s Family to be a part of this interesting feeling.

استخدام نیرو